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shaina. massachussetts. beach days. coloring. cranberry juice. cold side of the pillow. film. thunder. rings. the city. sad movies. inside jokes. the notebook. summer. friends. family. life. shooting stars. swimming. tanning. bonfires. 500 days of summer. soft sand. cruises. curling my hair. singing. pouring rain. reading the comics. polar express. traveling. crunchy leaves. finding nemo. holiday spirit. remembering dreams. turquoise. blue m&ms. sun. laughing till you cant breathe. nicknames. whatever works. TFiOS. augustus waters. yolo. rubiks cubes. infinity. the wand. flip flops. dresses. heels. pure seduction. zumba. acoustic covers. hot showers. nfty. jews<3.







why dont these words rhyme

but for some god forsaken reason pony and bologna do

(via strawberry-bubbblegum)